Welcome to Del Prado

The key to all ambitious Law Firms that wish their profession to develop in a successful manner, is based on a professional relationship with the Client, in other words the Lawyer takes on his Clients problems as if they were his own.

This includes a combination of virtues such as:

Preparation: achieved through many years of studying.

Tenacity: inspired to achieve to resolve the problems no matter how difficult they may be.

Experience: by which all Lawyers broaden their knowledge from each particular case.

Speciality: each Lawyer concentrates on a specific area of Law which they are specialized in.

A close relationship with each Client: understanding the situation which the client might find himself in, a necessity in order to proceed correctly.

Trust: in order to achieve a Client - Lawyer relationship it is essential that the Client feels he can trust their legal matters in our capable hands.

Efficiency: lots of problems are resolved more effectively through an intermediate path, thereby shortening the long and complex legal procedure.

Independence: defending the best interests of our Clients at all times.

These virtues are what differentiate our Law Firm from the rest. A combination of attention to detail and obtaining the results and approval of our services provided to our Clients.

Our Clients can appreciate all of our efforts by observing results such as receiving complete and continued information regarding the progress of their files and solutions to any problems that may appear throughout.

I would like to invite you to meet us personally and decide for yourselves the value of our efficiency to resolve legal matters that others make a traumatic procedure and are not able to tackle. We like to think that we solve the issues in an efficient and simple manner. The opinion of our Clients is what makes us a successful Law Firm.


After this introduction to Del Prado and Partners Solicitors we ask you to join us, and we look forward to a long and pleasant Client-Lawyer relationship.

With all the structure and effort from the members of Del Prado & Partners Solicitors we are dedicated to achieving results. We now leave it up to you to value our company. I leave the doors of this, "your" office, wide open.

Yours sincerely,

José Del Prado
Senior Partner / Managing Director
Del Prado & Partners Solicitors, S.L.