Curriculum Vitae



Point of view of a worker, companion, friend and, specially, a curriculum witness (under oath as anonymous as deciding).

Being his adolescence pending to be locked, while he was considering his career and future, the value of the justice called him, having been chosen by it, in a similar way to those who are called according to their purpose. With the determination of the limitless value of everything he aims to do and to defend, with excellence and without judging, he has the truth and the Justice as his guides, in an exercise of absolute freedom and as a banner of democratic value (no wonder he is also a political scientist, his other vocation), providing to each his due. He still did not know that such responsibility implied inexorably to be a bard of the Law and of the small and big causes that, even erring on the side of innocence, force us to commitment and, therefore, they grant us the value of being a person.

He had this feature by nature, as one is born in this way, and afterwards one cannot choose it. Then, the adult instructed himself voraciously, in favour of his own excellence, and he was the loyal spouse of the overall good´s worth, walking with firm step at firms which had the honour of making use of his gift. Later, being loyal to his believing and conditions, undertook free flight, creating, a long time ago, Del Prado and Partners Solicitors, his insular Ithaca, where poetry get dressed with realities, and truth with small things, which do not became shadowed, but they feed and live, and he suffers them and makes them subtle, performing them with commitment, and with the patience of the artisan. And he becomes aid and benefit of those who are in trouble and need José Del Prado, confessor, psychologist, friend and brother, who never ask first for the reward.

He runs away from the enemies: routine, conformism, interests, discouragement; and he asks for the Muses: work, demand, rigour and a demanding challenge, with which he will do the math in order to find the logic in the incalculable. You always can rely on him. You will find him dressed on his black robe, for certain, awaiting at the entrance of a hearing room whichever of our country, in the careless way of those who do not need to review his notes. Do not make a mistake: he has already studied the checkmate in two moves.