Legal Department

Our firm has a legal team of professionals who will be able to advise and guide you in different matters, whether you are an individual or a legal entity, offering you a personalised response to safeguard your legal interests.


The area of civil law includes a wide variety of matters such as;

Family law where our team can assist and advise you in matrimonial and family law proceedings. Divorce proceedings, regulatory agreements, filing of paternal and filial measures.

Law of obligations and contracts; Advice on lease contracts and their performance or non-performance (evictions due to non-payment, precariousness or termination of the contract, claims for unpaid rent, etc.); enforcement or judicial termination of all types of contractual obligations due to non-performance, such as claims for amounts and claims for total or partial non-performance of contracts.

Inheritance law: We have lawyers specialised in inheritance management, being experts in cases with conflict between heirs.

Labour law: We have numerous favourable rulings in cases of unfair dismissal and recognition of work incapacity.

Civil and property liability: We are experts in claims for compensation for traffic accidents, occupational accidents, medical negligence and/or professional “malpractice”.

Horizontal Property

We assist and advise homeowners’ associations in the event of any problem;

  • Assistance in the holding of owners’ meetings. Advice on the approval of agreements.
  • Application of the Horizontal Property Law and queries relating to the same.
  • Disputes relating to the distribution of property quotas.
  • Claims against defaulting owners.
  • Construction defects, damp, capillary leaks, maintenance of common areas or areas for exclusive use by owners.
  • Matters relating to works of any nature. Maintenance of common areas and installations.
  • Disputes with the local council, administrative licences and other issues relating to administrative law.
  • Advice on energy, gas and electricity issues. Claims against utility companies for excess amounts invoiced.


This firm has a team specialised in Criminal Law, offering the client various services both in the defence (investigated or accused) and in the private prosecution (victims) in criminal trials of all matters.

  • Offence against persons.
  • Offence against honour.
  • Offences against Public Health.
  • Offences against Road Safety. Drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Offences of sexual aggression and abuse.
  • Corporate offences. Company criminal law.
  • Offences against patrimony and against the socio-economic order.
  • Money laundering.
  • Offences against industrial and intellectual property.
  • Crimes against safety and health at work.
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Crimes against privacy and self-image
  • Crimes against honor (slander and insults).
  • Crimes against industrial and intellectual property.
  • Crimes against the market and consumers.
  • Crimes against persons (injuries and reckless homicides).
  • Extraditions and international search and arrest.
  • Pardon requests.


Through our office, we offer advice, and act on behalf of the client, in various matters such as the defence against urban development complaints, issues relating to buildings on rural land, urban development of land, urban development expropriations, etc.


We have lawyers specialising in commercial law who will advise you on how to manage a company and resolve any conflicts that may arise, offering legal coverage through personalised advice and defence, with the peace of mind and confidence that your interests will be defended in the most effective way.

  • Corporate law (secretarial services, preparation and support for board meetings and shareholders’ meetings, capital increases and reductions, dissolutions and liquidations, etc.).
  • Commercial contracts (negotiation, drafting and execution of all types of commercial contracts such as distribution, agency, collaboration, partnership, etc.).
  • Company law, which governs the various legal regimes of commercial companies, from their foundation to their dissolution, including structural modifications.
  • Legal status of the entrepreneur, including the status of the company, commercial establishments, accounting, etc.
  • Corporate restructuring (mergers, demergers, spin-offs, international transfers of domicile, etc.).
  • Intellectual property law; copyright.
  • Company law, regulating the various legal regimes of commercial companies, from their foundation to their dissolution, including structural modifications.
  • Acquisition transactions (advising on all phases of a process of acquisition or sale of a company or its assets including, where appropriate, negotiation and drafting of shareholders’ agreements)
  • Refinancing (debt restructuring, advising the borrower against financial institutions).
  • Commercial contract law and insolvency law through the regularisation of insolvency proceedings.


We have lawyers specialised in the regulations governing the organisation, functioning and attributions of the public administration in the relations between individuals and public administrations.

  • Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
  • Patrimonial Liability of the Administration.
  • Town planning.
  • Environment.
  • Claims before the administrations.
  • Town planning and real estate projects.
  • Expropriations.
  • Subsidies and grants.
  • Damages caused by the administration.
  • Contracts with public administrations.
  • Administrative sanctions.


This firm offers a quality service in the field of Private and Public International Law, with extensive experience in advising both individuals and legal entities of foreign nationality.

  • International works and services contractsReal estate law
  • Inheritance between different countries
  • Inheritance of a deceased person in a foreign country
  • International lien applications
  • International wills and legacies
  • Wills and legacies in international matters
  • National divorce and international divorce
  • Claiming debts from another country


In terms of advice on banking law, we offer solutions in claims regarding; IRPH “Índice de Referencia Hipotecaria”, Abusive Clauses, Mortgage defaults, Floor Clause and Mortgage expenses (we advise you to recover the money for the application of the Floor Clause, as well as the expenses unduly charged, and we also advise you on claims regarding complex banking products.

We offer personalised attention and we will be at your disposal to study your case and find the best solution.

We also work as an interdisciplinary team, which allows us to offer a complete legal service, providing extrajudicial and judicial solutions, thanks to our Litigation Department.

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